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Home of Don & Dora Bringhurst (#17 on the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger - 10684 N 6400 W)

Don Lamb and Dora Heloise Day Bringhurst:
  The Bringhursts spent their early married life in California and their later years in Delta, Utah but in between they had an impact on Highland.  They built a home on property purchased from her father, O.C. Day (#17 
on the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger), and raised their family of six, two sons and four daughters.

Dora was born in Byron, Wyoming, the seventh child, third daughter of Orville Cox and Otes Clysta Strasburg Day on March 7, 1922.  Her father was principal of the school in Byron at that time but moved back to Highland, where he had previously taught school.  She attended schools in American Fork, graduating in 1940 and got her first job working at the Doll House Restaurant in Salt Lake City.

Don was born in the small town of Toquerville, Washington County, Utah, April 20, 1921.  After High School graduation he went to live in Salt Lake City and there he met Dora, who was working at the Doll House Restaurant, 1518 S Main.  He soon got a job at the Goodyear Tire Company in Huntington Park, California and Dora went to visit him and they were married there on August 16, 1941.  Three months later they traveled to Mesa, Arizona to be sealed in the Temple there.  In 1942 Don was drafted into the service and fulfilled a lifelong dream by becoming a pilot in the Air Force, flying B-24’s in the Pacific.  After his discharge they lived in California for a few years.

They moved to Highland in the early 1950’s and were involved in many church activities and held many positions.  Don was Scoutmaster, Elder’s Quorum President, YMMIA President and Ward Clerk.  Dora was Drama director, Scout leader, Relief Society President, 1957-60 with Norma Hyde and Sadie Dalley as counselors and Glenna Fae Buhler as secretary, and Choir Director and also worked in the Primary and YWMIA.  It was as Choir Director she spent the most time and had the most success and influence, serving as such for 58 years in various wards.

About 1980 Don saw the need for curbside garbage service in Highland so bought a two-man garbage truck and began the service.  He couldn’t afford to hire a second man and although he was about sixty years old by then, he did all the work himself, covering all of Highland in about three days.  If the garbage cans weren’t in the street he would go into the garage or driveway and bring them out.  It was a shoestring operation and the truck was in need of repairs often but it was a success and he eventually sold the operation to Vic Scarpino and eventually Laidlaw bought it.

As mentioned, they moved to Delta in later life to be near their family members.  Don passed away August 22, 2006, and Dora followed on August 2, 2015, aged 93.

Ed. note: I discovered that Benjamin Grainger (q.v.) married Eleanor Bringhurst and that she had three brothers with the following names.  I have added the information thus found to the original notes on the three men, assuming that they are the men in question.  Augustus Sr. had three wives so these men are half brothers-each born to a different wife.

Joseph Bringhurst in the 1910 census there was a man of this name, middle initial B, living in the Lehi 3rd Ward who was a farmer.  Lehi 3rd Ward is adjacent to Highland.  He was born in 1873, his wife was Adaline and they had five children” Hortense, Evelyn, Eugene, Estella and Elizabeth. New - Joseph Alma Bringhurst was born October 10, 1873 in Toquerville, Utah to William Augustus Bringhurst and Susannah Adams Steele.  He married Adeline M Hardy (1872-1910) on June 15, 1895.  He died July 31, 1949 in Taylorsville, Utah.  They are buried in Lehi.

Samuel Bringhurst There are numerous men by this name in the early census records-all lived in Salt Lake Valley.

            New – Samuel Bringhurst was born December 24, 1892 in Toquerville, Utah to William and Mary Janet Stapley.  He married Erna Stout (1908-1957) on October 4, 1927 and they had three children.  He died September 27, 1976 in St. George, Utah.

5 stice cabin built in 1890_resized.jpg

William Bringhurst lived for short time with Stice family (#5 on  the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger)

William A Bringhurst
As with Samuel, there were numerous men of this name living in Utah-many in Salt Lake, many in Kane County.  This man lived for a short time in #5 (on  the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger), apparently to operate the farm for Rufus Stice while he was out of town working for the Railroad. 

            New – William Augustus Bringhurst was born September 29, 1863 in Salt Lake City, Utah to William and Selinda Dolby Palmer.  He married Martha Ann Grainger-sister to Benjamin Grainger (q.v.) (1866-1955) on March 31, 1886 and they had twelve children.  He died July 22, 1936 in Pocatello, Idaho.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland for the Highland Historical Society

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