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Home of Andrew & Annie Thompson, Alfred & Sarah Powell, Edmund  & Nancy Durfee (1934-40), Paul & Marcelene Gauger (c. 1950-55), Alexander & Miriam Park (1955-58), Roy & Arvina White (1959), Ramon & Kenna Dean (on the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger - 4600 W 11000 N)

Ramon Dayel and Kenna Evelyn White Dean:
  Ramon came to Highland because of his attraction to a local beauty, Kenna White.  He was born March14, 1924 in Eureka, Utah to Dayel and Geri Marie Newman Dean. Kenna was born February 1 1929 in Highland to Kenneth and Lucia Evelyn Blackham White.  They were married November 9, 1947 in the Salt Lake Temple and had nine children born to them: Michelle, Rebecca, Lon, Dayel, Melanie, Wendy, Heidi, Tamalee and Jana.  They lived at #67 (
on the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger - 4600 W 11000 N).  Ramon’s career was as a school teacher at American Fork High.  He died young, before his 54th birthday, on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1978.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland for the Highland Historical Society

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