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Featherstone, Fehlberg

12 wagstaff home_resized.jpgHome of Hyrum Harmon-built 1890, Mark & Rachel Featherstone -1936-1940, - demolished 1980 (#12 on the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger - 10305 N. 6550 W.)

Mark Boley and Rachel Myrtle Greenland Featherstone:
  Mark was born September 25, 1903, in American Fork, Utah to Tomas and Mary Nevada Boley Featherstone.  He attended the Harrington school and graduated from eighth grade.  After he met Rachel he worked for a railroad that traveled between Salt Lake City and San Francisco and they wrote many letters to each other. 
Rachel was born January 18, 1899, in Winter Quarters, Utah to Charles T. and Rachel Potter Greenland (q.v.) and moved to Highland from there in 1906. Rachel attended the Highland School and also graduated from eighth grade.  She remembered O.C. Day and Mrs. Temple as teachers there.  Her best subjects were arithmetic and reading and she also had excellent penmanship.  Her school friends were Alta and Nida Adamson, Flora Hobbs, Elvie Myers, Elwin and Ella Orr (twins), Josephine Strasburg and Rachael, Hazel and Cressie Loveridge.  She remembered attending Sunday School that was started by O.C. Day, walking everywhere they went, the special Gold and Green Ball each year where they dressed up and acted like ladies, hayrides and sleigh rides and the wonderful day when electricity came to Highland.
Rachel met Mark when she worked for his mother as a teenager and after corresponding for a while they were married May 13, 1925, in Highland.  They then moved to Bingham for three years, then American Fork, then West Jordan for six years, working at Kennecott.  In 1936 they moved to Highland, living in Hyrum Harmon’s with him (#12 on the 1958 Highland map - interactivelarger - 10305 N. 6550 W.) for four years.  They had nine children: Mary Rae, Keith (who died the day he was born), Mark, Tom, Lloyd, Arlene, Juanita, Carol (the only one born in Highland) and Lynn.
In 1940 they moved to northwest Lehi where they lived the remainder of their lives.  Mark died October 17, 1958, in Lehi, Rachel died January 4, 1988, in American Fork. 

Beulah Keatley Hess Fehlberg:  Beulah was born in 1907 to Robert A. and Martha M. Keatley.  She married Herman V. Hess in the late 1920’s and they had one child, Dolores Jean, born in 1928.  In the 1930 census she was living in St. Joseph, Missouri with Herman and Dolores.  Beulah had another child, Vernon Lee, born in 1932, whose father was Victor Burr.  She married Reinold Leopold Fehlberg on October 2, 1940.  The Church records of Beulah and her two children, Dolores Jean Fehlberg and Vernon Lee Burr Fehlberg, came to Highland in late 1940, and they were apparently living with Carlos Bernell and Hertha Fehlberg Watkins (q.v.).  In the April 1940 Federal Census,  Beulah was living in St. Joseph, Missouri with her two children, both now surnamed Hess, and she was listed as divorced. 

            Reinold was born June 20, 1909, in Flathead, Montana to Otto Paul and Mary Bauer Fehlberg, a brother to Hertha Watkins (above).  In the 1940 census he was single and also living in St. Joseph, Missouri.  When he registered for the WWII draft in 1940 he was living in American Fork, Utah.

            Beulah and Reinold later divorced and on February 17, 1959, he married Josephine Constance Woodruff Higham in Los Angeles, California.  She was born in Provo, Utah and spent part of her life in Hollywood pursuing an acting career under the name of Edwina Booth (read about her in “Utah History to Go”).  Reinold died May 14, 1984, in Los Angeles and is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica.

            Beulah’s son, Vernon Lee, went through life known as Vernon Lee Fehlberg.  At his death his father was shown as Victor Burr and his mother was Beulah Keatley.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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Hyrum Harmon-built 1890, Mark & Rachel Featherstone-1936-1940, Lisle & Fern Kirk, Clegg, Henry & Cora Strasburg, Clarence & Maud Greenland (1946), LeRoy & Leah Wagstaff (1946)-demolished 1980