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Pherson (Phersson, Peherson, Pahercan)

Anders and Hanna(h) Svensson Phers(s)on (also Peherson, Pahercan):

Anders was born June 15, 1839 at Raskerum, St. Olof, Kristianstad, Sweden to Per and Carrie Nielson.  Hanna(h) was born February 20, 1840 in Fjelie, Sweden to Swen Palm and Elna Mansson Larsson.  In 1853 Anders migrated to Denmark.  They were married March 21, 1862 in Gylling, Aarhus, Denmark.  They appear in the 1870 and 1880 Danish census with three, then six children.  In Denmark his occupation was Railroad Contractor. They converted to the LDS Church in 1891 and Anders was a Branch President in Itshoe, Germany for two years before his immigration to the U.S. in 1893.  Information shows that he sailed from Antwerp on April 5, 1893 and she arrived from Liverpool on April 17, 1893.  They had at least seven children: Karoline Johanne, Neils Anders (q.v.), Anne Kristine, Maria, Karl, Mathilda and Carl Valdemar Rex.  It is unknown how long they lived in Highland, but is thought they lived at (#96 on the 1958 Highland map). 

On September 1, 1906 Anders and his son, Neils received their U.S. citizenship in Provo.  They were accompanied by Lem Francis (q.v.) who was married to Anders’ daughter, Mathilda.  Anders last name is shown as Pehrsson on his citizenship papers.  In the 1910 census they were in the unincorporated area of American Fork and their grandson, Carl A, age 27, was living with them.  Anders filled a mission to Sweden in 1909-11.  His passport was dated November 29, 1909 and a Canadian passenger list shows his return arrival at Quebec from Liverpool on October 20, 1911 aboard the “Virginia”.

Anders died October 15, 1915 in American Fork and Hannah died June 29, 1921, also in American Fork and they are buried in the American Fork Cemetery.

Niels Anders and Catharina Ploog Pherson:  Niels was born October 26, 1865 in Gylling, Aarhus, Denmark, to Anders and Johanna Svendsson Pehrson.  Catharina was born June 18, 1866 in Erfurt, Thuringen, Deutschland or in Egstadt, Sachsen, Prussia (both are variously listed) to Marx and Christena Haselbus Ploog.  They were married February 21, 1899.  They came to America in about 1896 because they had a child born in Prussia in March 1896 and the next birth was in February, 1897 in American Fork and the census of 1900 showed them living in American Fork.  In 1910 they were living in Highland (they lived in several different homes but none are known) and in 1920 they were in Aberdeen, Idaho.  They had thirteen children: Marx Heinrich (1886-1976), Johanna Christina (1891-1970), Marx Anders Waldemar (1892-1905), Paul Johannis (1894-1966), Carl Heinrich (1896), Anna Maria Mathilda (1897-1959), Harman Heinrich Christian (1899), Rix Heinrich (1900-1927), Carna Malena Louise (1901-1987), Swen Lars Fridrick (1902-1990), Pehr Christian (1904-1940), Wilhelm Fredrick (1906-1979) and Andres Gustav (1908-1985). 

They later moved to Kaysville, Utah as Niels was called from there to serve a mission to Denmark from April, 1924 to January, 1925. (He was set apart for his mission by J Golden Kimball)        

Niels passed away August 9, 1938 in Kaysville.  Anna followed on April 11, 1947, also in Kaysville.  They are buried in the American Fork City Cemetery.

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