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Hugo Julius and Marie Ruderisch Reimschiissel:  This family is an anomaly in that they migrated from Germany but were not members of the LDS Church.  They were sponsored by Fred and Martha Kopp of Manila, Utah.

Hugo was born September 15, 1887 in Tentschel, Liegnitz, Germany to Julius Bernhard and Henriette Karoline Patzold Reimschiissel.  Marie was born May 17, 1893 in Wildstein, Austria to George Pecher and Henriette Ernstine Ruderisch.  They were married July 12, 1914 in Dittersdorf, Germany and had nine children: Friedrich (Fritz) Hugo Kurt, Felix Ernest, George Karl Gustav, Walter Martin Fritz, Hanna Maria Martha, Willy, twins Helmut Bernhard and Helen Bertha and Leo Kenneth.  The first five were born in Germany and the rest were born in Highland and American Fork.

They arrived in Utah on November 28, 1924 and lived with the Kopp’s for a short time, then moved across the street into a wooden structure with a dirt floor where in the winter snow came in through the cracks.  On February 20, 1925 the family moved to Highland (#89 on the 1958 Highland map) on 46 acres of land.  They leased from Ernest G Hunter of American Fork for a term of one year with the following conditions: “one-half of all crops raised on the land and the lessee shall use all manure, straw, etc produced on the place to fertilize said land only-none to be sold or hauled off the place.  Grain crop to be divided at the machine, other crops to be divided when harvested.”  Also “One cook stove, dresser, dining table, brass bed, chairs, cabinet together with the one-half use of one plow, one harrow and one mower.”   The property was “bounded on the north by Will Chadwick’s land and R J and James C Haley’s land, 2 ½ miles north of American Fork.”

On January 14, 1926, an indenture was written between Rose Young Stewart, administratrix of the estate of Andy J Stewart, deceased, and Hugo Reimschussel for 40 acres plus 6 more, located about one and one-half miles west of the Highland Church (#8 on the 1958 Highland map).  After they moved to the Stewart place they were taught and baptized into the Mormon faith by Clifford E Young and Karl Gunther who had served missions in Germany.  Marie wrote: “Even though we didn’t know the language we went to most of the LDS meetings, got acquainted with the people, their way of life and their religion, learning by and by a little of each and putting it together—as a whole we were so impressed of it all that we said to each other, there is something worth to investigate and on January 9, 1927 were baptized into the church.”   Their eldest son, Fredrick Hugo Kurt, was baptized on February 14, 1926 by Ludvig M Larson, confirmed by Robert E Booth.  Clarence Greenland was the Ward Clerk.

The older children went to school in the Highland Ward Chapel. 

After a few years they moved to American Fork and they and their children were stalwarts in the Church throughout their lives.  Hugo died January 4, 1962 in American Fork and Marie died March 1, 1979 in Pleasant Grove.  They are buried in the Pleasant Grove City Cemetery.  The last of their nine children, Helmut, passed away in 2012.

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