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Clarence and Nora Agnes Leonard Cheney Roundy:  Their records came to Highland in 1928 but both of them had earlier connections.  Clarence was born June 6, 1901 in Cache County, Utah to Samuel and Eugenia Roundy (q.v.) who later came to Highland.  Nora was born in Sedgwick, Arkansas as Nora Agnes Leonard to Joseph and Elizabeth Blandford Leonard and on March 20, 1914 her name was changed when she was adopted by Otis Theodore and Mabel L Madsen Cheney. Otis was the son of Peter and Keziah Cheney (q.v.) who lived in Highland.  Clarence and Nora were married November 5, 1924 and had four children: Nora Lozina, Edna Fay, Melvin Clarence and Joy Elizabeth. 

It is not known where or how long they lived in Highland but in 1930 they were in Salt Lake City and in 1935 they were in Fielding, Cache County, Utah then in 1940 were living in American Fork. When Clarence registered for the WWII draft in 1942 he was living in American Fork.  Clarence died March 20, 1993 in Cache and Nora died May 6, 1999 in Orem.  They are buried in the Orem City cemetery and on her headstone; Nora is listed as Nora Leonard.

Heber Lorenzo and Elizabeth Frost Roundy:  Heber was born August 22, 1875 in Kanarraville, Utah Territory to Lorenzo Wesely and his third wife, Pricilla Parrish Roundy.  His father was the first Bishop of Kanarraville and his grandfather was Shadrack Roundy, a close associate with Brigham Young.  His father drowned in the Colorado River when Heber was but nine months old.  When he was twenty he married Elizabeth Pollack, daughter of Samuel Josiah and Catherine Amelia Mulliner Pollack who was born June 6, 1878.  She died of a tumor on July 24, 1904 without having children.

Elizabeth Frost was born May 10, 1889 in Snowflake, Arizona to Allen and Thankful Amelia Crosby Frost. She and Heber were married September 27, 1909 and they had eleven children: Donna, Laura, Elizabeth, Genevieve, Garth, Cherole (Cheryl), Paul, Phyllis, Mildred, Enid and JoAnna.  JoAnna was the only one born in Highland. 

They moved to Highland (#23 on the 1958 Highland map) in early 1930 and since Heber was suffering from rheumatism, his son-in-law, Freal Stratton did most of the farming. They lived there for one year then moved to the “Old Smith Home” (#24 on the 1958 Highland map) where JoAnna was born.  In 1933 they moved to Manila.  Heber was a good farmer, husband and father; Elizabeth was a great seamstress, wife, mother and homemaker.  Heber died August 26, 1953 in Provo and Elizabeth died April 7, 1957 in American Fork.  They are buried in the American Fork Cemetery.

Hyrum Waldo and Mary Ann Price Roundy:  Hyrum was born December 16, 1895 in New Harmony to Samuel H and Eugenia Elmira Taylor Roundy (q.v.).  Mary Ann was born May 11, 1900 in Scofield, Utah to Porter Willard and Dorothy Ann Metcalf Price.  They were married October 17, 1917 and lived in Highland for a short time (place unknown).  Their first child, Hyrum Waldo was born in Highland on September 17, 1918.  They had eight other children: LaMar, Raymond, Wanda, Mary, Glen, Bruce, Maylin and Shirlene, all born in various cities in Utah.  Hyrum died January 1, 1940 in the Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake City and Mary Ann died July 24, 1975 and they are buried in the American Fork Cemetery

Samuel H and Eugenia Elmyra Taylor Roundy:  Samuel was the elder brother of Heber Lorenzo Roundy (q.v. for more details) and lived in Highland at the time of the 1920 census.  He was a son of Lorenzo Weseley and his third wife, Priscilla Parrish Roundy, born in Centerville, Utah December 24, 1862.  Eugenia was born November 1, 1866 to William W and Julia A Taylor.  They were married in 1884 in St. George, Utah.  They lived in Benson, Cache County, and Mapleton, Utah County before moving to Highland.  They had eleven children: William Lorenzo (q.v.), Florance M, Samuel Edmond, Louis L, Julia P, Hyrum Waldo (q.v.), Josephine, Ester Irene, Clarence, Viola E and Leonard.  Eugenia died January 13, 1926 in Spanish Fork and Samuel died May 22, 1940, in Price, Utah while a resident of American Fork.  They are buried in the Spanish Fork Cemetery. 

William Lorenzo and Jane Jennie James Roundy:  William was the third Superintendent of the Sunday School after the ward was organized, serving in that capacity in 1922-1923.  William was also a son of Samuel and Eugenia Roundy (q.v.) and was born November 15, 1884 in Kanarraville, Utah.  Jane was born December 6, 1888 in Utah to Rees D and Jane James.  They were married May 19, 1909 and were living in Highland in 1920 and 1930.  They had five children: Reese William, Samuel Edwin, J Bernell, Reba and Darrell K.  By 1940 they were living in Fielding and William was working at the Sugar Factory in Garland.  Jane died December 19, 1967 in Spanish Fork and William died July 16, 1976.  They are buried in the Spanish Fork Cemetery. 

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