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A compilation by Charles T Greenland for the Highland Historical Society

John Harry and Evaline Emily Mills Savill:
 The Savill’s homesteaded the 160 acres directly west of Albert Preece and were living there (#5- Highland map - interactivelarge) at the 1880 census with one daughter, Carey (Caroline). The census was misread and their name shows up as Laville instead of Saville.  Harry was 23 and Evaline was 20.  Harry was born in Chagwell, Essex, England, about 1857 to Jesse and Priscilla Brazier Savill and came to New York from Liverpool aboard the “Minnesota”, arriving September 17, 1872.  

Evaline was born in Salt Lake City, Utah October 13, 1859 to William Gill and Emily Hill Mills.  In the 1860 census she is listed as 8/12 years old, living in Salt Lake.  They were married January 1, 1879. They had three other children after Caroline:  Emily Hill, Willard Daniel and another unnamed one.  In 1896 Harry transferred the property to Evaline and later the same year she sold it to John van Steeter.  It was the Savill’s who in 1879 built the log cabin that now stands in the Highland Heritage Park. 

They cannot be located in the 1900 census but Evaline was found in Colonia Juarez, Mexico and died there March 7, 1920.  Their daughter Caroline, born May 27, 1879 married John Eli Telford (perhaps a relative to William who lived just to the south of them in Highland) and she too, died a resident of Colonia Juarez April 14, 1965.

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