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John and Ann Pinfold Whiting:  John was born January 15, 1821 in England to James and Mary Pickering Whiting.  He died April 9, 1882 in Salt Lake City. Ann was born January 18, 1827 in Weedon, Northampton, England to James and Sarah Cross Pinfold and died January 23, 1872 in Salt Lake City.  The Whitings were married in 1844 in England and after the birth of 4 children, 2 of whom died in infancy, the migrated to America.  It is unknown how they became associated with the Mormons, since there is no record of their baptism but after spending some time in St. Louis, where another son was born, they came to Salt Lake City in 1854.

John was good friends with the Walker brothers, the non-Mormon merchants; they chose him to build their store on Main Street.  While in Salt Lake they had 4 more children, 2 of whom died as infants, and they adopted an 11 year old boy, William Brown, whose parents and 3 siblings had died of cholera.  John Whiting had known William’s father, who was also a brickmason.

They moved south during the Utah War and settled in Alpine where William Brown’s aunt (who had adopted his brother) lived.  John acquired 160 acres in William Brown’s name in the southwest quarter of section 25 (#44 on the 1958 Highland map) next to George Myers, who was Whiting’s son-in-law (married to his daughter, Mary Ann).

John Brigham and Sarah Ann Sheppard Whiting:  Brigham was the son of John and Ann Pinfold Whiting (q.v.) born February 7, 1852 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Sarah Ann was born June 11.1861 in Abermanshier, Glamorgan, Wales to George Henry and Mary Ann Ashman Sheppard and came to America in 1862.  The only marriage record shows 1877, after they had two children. They had twelve children: Marcia Ann, James Henry, Daisy Rebecca, John Raymond, Mary May, George, Norine, Wilford C, Elsie Sarah, Noel, Fredrix and Anna Louise. 

The 1880 census showed them on the Alpine precinct living next to George Myers and Hyrum Healy (#42 on the 1958 Highland map).  They were in Highland for the 1900 and 1910 censuses.  Brigham was part of the 1870’s water lawsuit argued by attorney George Sutherland.

Brigham died September 22, 1913 and Sarah died May 1, 1926.

William James and Rebecca Ann Hennefer Whiting:  William was also a son of John and Ann Pinfold, elder brother to Brigham, born August 10, 1847 in Birmingham, England.  Rebecca was born September 25, 1852 in Salt Lake City to William and Rebecca Ann Hayes Hennefer.  They were married March 15, 1869 and had five children:  Sarah Anne, Mary Rebecca, Liddie Birdie, William H and John Mark.  It is not known when or where they lived in Highland but William was part of the 1870’s water lawsuit argued by attorney George Sutherland.   

They divorced and Rebecca married Lewis Demott Bunce October 31, 1886 and apparently they divorced also, as she married Robert J Jepson March 4, 1899.  She died December 12, 1908 in Salt Lake City and William died Mar 16, 1921, also in Salt Lake.  They are buried in the SL Cemetery.

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