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Mountain Ridge Park
Mountain Ridge Park is a 17 acre parcel of property located west of Mountain Ridge Junior High. For some time, City Council has been looking into the possibility of selling a portion of some of the Spring Creek Park land (located at 10029 North 6300 West) and using the proceeds of the sale to begin to develop Mountain Ridge Park.

On October 16, 2018, City Council voted to take 60% of the proceeds from the Spring Creek Park sale and put it towards Mountain Ridge Park. They further voted that the park would be built in phases with phase 1 to include pickleball courts, a parking lot, and restrooms with the goal of completion of August 1, 2019. The Highland City Foundation is actively recruiting donations for the park specifically for a 27-court tournament level pickleball complex that would be able to host national level tournaments.

On October 16, the Council also voted to create a Mountain Ridge Park Board which will be comprised of 7 residents of Highland and whose purpose will be to submit for approval to City Council amenities to be included in the park, usage policies and fees, and sponsorship packages. In addition, the Board will identify options for managing the park following construction.

On November 13, the Council approved the design contract for Mountain Ridge Park. Council also voted to surplus the Spring Creek Park property.

On November 15, the Council held a Open House to display the preliminary design and garner feedback. See more information below.

On November 20, City Council met to discuss the feedback from the Open House as well as preliminary costs and potential revenue for park alternatives. Council decided to postpone the second public Open House until a final design could be worked out with the Park Board and then approved by the Planning Commission and City Council.

On January 8, City Council approved the Final Master Plan and directed staff to begin construction drawings. The costs are estimated as:
  • Asphalted Parking Lot - $981,000
  • Pickleball Complex including courts, pavilion, and restrooms - $3 million
  • West Field - $732,000
  • East Field - $670,000
  • All Abilities Playground - $811,000
  • Total - $5.74 million
Please note these are estimates and not bid costs. An additional estimate was prepared that was a total of $3.9 million. This estimate eliminated some concrete and increased turf area; decreased the number of trees and the gateway entrance; removed the walking path, pavilions, and site furnishings; made the parking lot gravel; decreased the playground size and made it a general playground instead of an all-abilities one; and planned on the fields being seeded instead of sodded.

On January 22, City Council approved the sale of Spring Creek parkland. The developer will work with staff through the design and engineering process and come back to City Council for approval at a later date.

On January 24, the City Council held an Open House on the Master Plan Design. See more information below.

On January 29, the Planning Commission decided to postpone their decision on the Conditional Use Permit for the Park until a sound study and traffic study could be completed. City Council will not consider the Conditional Use Permit until Planning Commission has voted on it. Staff is currently working to hire firms to complete those studies. When the studies are complete, the Planning Commission will reconsider the Conditional Use Permit. Afterwards, Council would need to determine final funding and any phasing plans for the park before construction could begin.

On March 5, Councilmember Braithwaite reported on the fundraising amounts to this point. The Foundation has raised approximately $24,000 in cash, $407,000 in non-cash contributions, and $225,000 in tentative donations. The majority of the funds have been committed to the construction of the pickleball courts. Council directed staff to continue ahead with the traffic and noise studies. They reaffirmed that the City will only build what it can afford and will not raise taxes or bond in order to build the park.

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Upcoming Meetings
  • TBD - Planning Commission Meeting with approval of Conditional Use Permit for Mountain Ridge Park
  • TBD - City Council Meeting with approval of Conditional Use Permit for Mountain Ridge Park
  • TBD - City Council Meeting for determination of final funding and any park phasing

Get Involved
Let the City know your thoughts by attending the next public meeting. In the meantime, you can reach out the Mayor and City Council. You can email them all via or check out their individual contact information here. When you email City Council, we would encourage you to also indicate whether or not you are a Highland resident.

The Highland City Foundation is raising money for this project. You can donate with: